At W.A . Fink and Son Pty Ltd we have always prided ourselves on our after sales service and our ability to supply all types of quality services, affordable lubricant equipment and car hoist Melbourne. We have the satisfied customers to prove it. Safety is of highest concern to us, so all hoists and lifts are manufactured with safety features.

We have a diverse range of affordable Australian Standard compliance car hoists especially designed for the asserting buyer looking for superior, reliable products at an affordable price since we ensure you will be provided with the best service at the best possible price. Our hoist range includes Molnar hoists, Tecalemit lubrication equipment and MacNaught equipment. W.A . Fink and Son Pty Ltd has accumulated a wealth of technical expertise in delivering world-class vehicle workshops on time and on budget.

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We have spent many years researching the very best garage equipment, thus ensuring we are able to supply our customers with a superior product at an affordable price. We suggest you deliberately to use the world’s finest lubricants, in order to achieve the highest possible level of performance, without regard to the cost of base oils or additives. They must be unique, exclusive and must deliver to the user a value far greater than he can obtain from other products for the same application.

Better services and technical support is provided, with experienced Lubrication Specialists we can discuss your individual lubrication requirements at a personal level. We do not simply sell quality products – we investigate lubrication problems and recommend guaranteed cost-saving solutions for our clients.

Our products and services provide “guaranteed” results, providing customers with the benefits listed below:

– Minimum Downtime: We help enable lubricants and equipment to keep on working. In most industries, the cost of downtime is far greater than the cost of repair.

– Energy Saving: Low friction, smooth running equipment uses less energy, a major operating cost for most organizations.

– Longer Lubricant Life: LE products themselves last longer. Their long-term cost is lower, and downtime for routine maintenance is reduced.

– Longer Equipment Life: Our products minimize wear and corrosion, making expensive capital equipment last longer. Parts and labour costs are substantially reduced.

– Longer Lubricant Life: Our Product themselves last longer. Their long-term cost is lower, and downtime for routine maintenance is reduced.

– Reduced Inventory: The lubricants we prefer are versatile. They can be used over a wide range of applications. Fewer lubricant types need be stocked and the chance of misuse is minimized.

W.A . Fink and Son Pty Ltd has extensive service experience servicing a number of public and private bus companies’ vehicle hoists. We have proven experience in being able to respond quickly with urgent breakdown assistance, as well as when regular servicing is required. Our continuing growth in the marketplace has been driven by our customer satisfaction, our ability to supply anywhere in Australia and our ongoing commitment to quality and service.

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